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The warranty for interior doors 7 years

Experience, quality standards, European equipment, advanced technology, careful selection of the best materials, monitoring each stage of production enable us to produce doors of the European level. We value the status of the company — manufacturer of reliable quality products. We do not think where to save money on materials, not looking for ways to reduce the cost at the expense of quality, we have one goal – to make our product the best.

The European standards of production allow us to offer products of high quality, safe and durable. All interior doors Factory provides a guarantee of 7 years and carries the warranty.

The quality control Department guarantees high level of quality by complying with all regulations of the technological process and separate control of all stages of production. In confirmation of its high standard of product quality Factory doors Geona mark their doors with a coin in gold color with the image key logo. The distinguishing sign for interior doors is at the end of the door leaf. Now our customers and partners can correctly identify the products of the company Geona and be confident in the quality of the purchased product.

Warranty on entrance and interior doors coated with "Enamel" - 3 years!


Interior doors are designed for installation in interior dry, ventilated rooms with a humidity of 60% at room temperature, eliminating extremes of these important factors.


During storage and transportation shall be taken for protection of their deformation, mechanical damage, pollution, moisture, humidity and direct sunlight. Interior doors are allowed to be transported by all kinds of transport in covered vehicles and containers. The loading zone of interior doors in a vehicle or container should not have protruding elements and should be lined. On interior doors it is not allowed to come and throw them when loading and unloading. Shipping a set of interior doors should be secured with cloth tapes. During the loading and transportation of door panels is necessary to observe the laying pattern canvases in the foot. The stop should be no more than 40 paintings. Doors with glass must be positioned in the center of the foot. Laying is carried out according to the size of the canvases. The bottom must be interior doors larger. When laying the canvases must be placed on the bottom substrate of MDF.


In order to avoid deformation of the door must be stored in a package, excluding the possibility of mechanical damage, in a closed ventilated dry room with humidity not more than 80% at room temperature, eliminating extremes of these factors. Must be stored in a horizontal position on the tray with stack height no more than 1200 mm. shall Not be stored interior doors in a vertical or sloping position, away from sources of heat or cold, in areas where renovations or construction work.


Before installing in the case when the interior doors were in the temperature-humid regime, distinct from maintenance, especially in winter, is recommended for five days to endure interior doors for acclimatization. Installation of interior doors should be in fully decorated rooms with stacked floors. If the door is in the construction or repair of the premises, make sure all the materials are well dried. Do not install interior doors near heating or heating appliances. Installation of interior doors should be done by a qualified technician.


The safety of interior doors and their lifespan depends not only on the quality of materials, but also from the proper care of the doors during operation. When installing interior doors in the bathroom must comply with the operating humidity levels, ensuring adequate ventilation and full ventilation of the bathroom after using it as directed. Avoid rough mechanical impact on the door contact interior doors with surfaces or environments with a temperature higher than 65 C. do Not operate interior doors closer than one meter from heaters and other heat sources. Interior doors with PVC coating-Veneer resistant to moisture, impact resistant, do not crack, do not crack. They are ideal for toilet and bathroom. PVC coating-wood Veneer on interior doors throughout the period of operation does not require additional care, retains the original appearance. Allowed for cleaning surfaces of door panels and moldings, the use of any cleaning agents not containing corrosive components.

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