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Production of interior and entrance doors

The history of the company "Geona" began in 2000. Today it is one of the largest door manufacturers not only in Russian market but also the markets of neighboring countries. At the moment, "Geona" has two modern factories, and the total area of production facilities of 22000 m2.

Door "Geona": secrets of success

"Geona" is a large production of interior and entrance doors. The factory's products are rapidly gaining popularity with the inception of the company. The secret of excellent reputation is simple. The products is of high European quality and are completely safe. Quality is confirmed by:

In this case the excellent quality is not a reason for high prices. Prices for entrance and interior doors from the manufacturer "Geona" will remain available for a wide range of customers. In particular, the lack of production of PVC doors is a practical range of doors of economy class.

The success of the brand "Geona" backed by the confidence of many customers and hundreds of satisfied customers. In the history of the company has received nearly two dozen prestigious awards.

Our range

An important factor in the success of the brand "Geona" is a wide range. At the beginning of its journey, the company started the production of interior doors. Large selection of materials gave customers the opportunity to choose options to fit any budget. So, to this day, a huge popular interior PVC door manufacturer "Geona" and also their improved version of the model of PVC veneer.

The growth in popularity has given a powerful impetus to the development. Today the company is a manufacturer of doors:

In addition, the range includes interior arches and all kinds of decor — cornices, baseboards, wall panels etc.

Today, products marketed under the brand name "Geona", can be called a symbol of technological progress. The work of qualified staff and the constant search for new solutions, experimenting with design and materials, constant monitoring of the market situation — all this has allowed the company to take a leadership position and to offer customers products of European quality.

22000 м²
the total area of
on the market
Awards and certificates
The first factory

The first factory

The first factory of the Company "GEONA", an area of 6 300 square meters is located in Cheboksary district of the Chuvash Republic, refers to C. Camura and located 40 meters from the highway of Federal significance P-176 Vyatka. It is engaged in the production of interior doors.

The second factory

The second factory with a production area of 15 700 sq. m is located on the banks of the Volga in the city of Novocheboksarsk, Naberezhnaya, 10. The factory produces interior and steel doors.
The second factory

Awards and certificates