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Offer for partners

The application for cooperation We will contact you shortly

Door factory GEONA offers:

The "Quick start" includes:

— selection of models, exhibition samples, the maximum liquid product with quick payback;

— preparation of samples for 1-2 weeks;

— provision of a booth for samples doors;

— training of staff;

— free provision of advertising materials.

Growing together, we become stronger. Your active work and the desire to grow, stimulated by a comprehensive sponsorship of the Factory: discounts on samples, special terms, advertising support, assistance in development, training, consultancy and support.

Each partner is very important to us, we value our reputation as a reliable supplier, therefore, the operational approach to any task, including those associated with development, is one of the main criteria in the work. Opening, from the selection of samples, recommendations, placement, and design (according to Specifications); short production time; control and teamwork; training and operational consulting assistance to help reduce the period of business.

Factory offers individual programs of development partners:

— programme of cooperation in the format:

"Multi brands"


"Branded salon"

— cooperate with construction companies;

— cooperation with designers.

In working with clients Factory Geona is of great help in the brand promotion and development of the retail salon:

— free provision of POS-materials;

— a personal Manager assigned and a high level of service;

— loyalty and efficiency in solving different issues;

— joint participation in promotions, exhibitions, compensation of expenses on promotion and advertising of the brand;

— accommodation on site*

Prompt delivery is one of the key principles of work of the Factory doors Geona. Having a lot of possibilities Factory provides the necessary volume in a very short time, without equals, without reducing or ignoring the main quality criteria. We can afford to work with individual customerAMI and large construction companies. Even the most complex stages of production – hand-painted (with patina), are performed in exactly the specified time. We're not playing on trust, we're just doing our job correctly.

exclusive wide range, patina and comprehensive proposal;

— wide price range (Economy, Standard, Premium);

— execution of orders in the shortest time;

— delivery reliability, product quality;

— a guarantee of 7 years;

— execution of individual orders.

Experience, quality standards, European equipment, advanced technology, careful selection of the best materials, and the desire to make a quality product allow us to produce doors of the European level. We value the status of the company – manufacturer of reliable quality products, keeping the best traditions of manufacture, controlling every stage of production. We do not think where to save money on materials, not looking for ways to reduce the cost at the expense of quality, we have one goal – to make our product the best.