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Cooperation with builders

The finished door units for builders

Door factory Geona collaborates with builders, contractors and other organizations engaged in the supply of interior doors and providing door pulley Assembly ready to install.

Door Geona reliable, safe, have excellent wear characteristics and suitable for residential, medical, educational and other specials. institutions.
Door factory Geona supplies the necessary volume in a short period, the warranty for the producttion of 7 years.


Individual calculation
The possibility of supplying the non-standard opening

Complete door unit + accessories

Door leaf + box + frames + transoms (telescope)
The completeness of the fittings, hinges

Prepared unit for installation

Washed down boxes, frames at an angle of 45 degrees. The formation of the seats are under lock and key and fittings


Saving time

Save time on the formation of the completeness and snapping

A short time

Short production time

Quick installation

Reduced time for installation
7 times

Cost optimization

Cost optimization

Clean install

Clean install, factory box,
quality guarantee



The warranty for interior doors
7 years

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