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Cooperation with designers

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We invite to cooperation of designers and architects

Door factory Geona closely watching all the trends in the world of interiors, and as a result annual NEW DOORS.

Our team is trying to each of the clients found the same door that is right for his beloved home. In the catalog of the Factory doors Geona huge selection of models, colors, textures and types of coatings, so the designers working with us is simple. A nice aspect is that all the components of the interior can be designed in the same style, using, for example, the screens on the radiator, cornices, columns, mirrors, moldings...

Terminate all the way Your chosen door will help decors is the variety of architraves and columns, cornices and capitals, outlets, and thrust. You will be pleasantly surprised by our assortment!

If you are an interior Designer, the range of the Factory doors Geona, you can easily find the door of that style and era, which are demanded by Your client. Whether it is Baroque or Renaissance, Provence or Classical, high – Tech- without a doubt! Catalogue updated with new products constantly. Now serve that entrance steel door can be designed in the same style as the interior.

The interior designers we provide promotional materials and catalogs of coatings, for more intuitive and easy operation with the customer.