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Interior sliding door-coupe

They are installed parallel to the aperture and to move along the wall, also mounted inside the opening (the box).

Unlike the hinged system for the Assembly and installation of sliding wardrobe doors is not required box, you need only molded products for the design of the opening and overlapping the sliding mechanism and the sliding mechanism instead of a special pen loops and compartment.

The advantage of this system is that when opening space is not required for the plowing blade.

Single compartment

купе схема фото 1

Double compartment

купе схема фото 2

Basic kit

  1. Door leaf
  2. The top and bottom rails
  3. Rollers for sliding doors (1 set for single door)
  4. Side panel 120 mm
  5. A wooden block 50 x 50 mm (please order individually)
  6. Handles for sliding doors (ordered independently)
  7. If necessary, clearance of the opening you want to order architraves and transoms universal telescopic wood or wood hammer.

pen compartment, 2 PCs. brushed brass

ручки купе матовый латунь

pen compartment, 2 PCs. Matt Nickel

ручки купе матовый никель

Set of rollers for sliding doors Morelli SET of 4
(load up to 50 kg)

Комплект роликов

TRACK 2021 3M
Guide profile 3M.

Комплект роликов

TRACK-B 13x13x13 1M
The lower guide rail 1m

Комплект роликов

COUPE is the way of opening the fabric by withdrawing it to the side.
Almost all interior doors Geona you can install both door coupe.

The installation process

  • 1 Wooden beam 50 x 50 mm fixed to the wall.
  • 2 from the Bottom to the beam with screws fixed upper guide
  • 3 Ennobled by Transoms 12 mm

The calculation of the size of the canvas (with registration opening frames)

Расчет размера полотна купе
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