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One of the most common and frequently asked questions. For the production of doors, Factory Geona uses resistant coating to a humid environment of 60%, for the operation of the doors in the bathroom are suitable as Ultrason and other coatings - PVC and PVC-veneer
4 types of patina: gold, silver, brown. In the fall of 2015 added a new patina champagne.
The optimal solution would be to put a door in that moment, when the renovation was nearing completion, that is, made the main "dirty" work: Wallpaper hung, with tiled floors, the floors, stretched ceilings

The kindness and warmth of our staff :)

The door leaf has salinomycine bespalatnoe filling: engineering array, spliced in length sticks of wood, separated from each other by ribs from MDF.

PVC-Veneer is an innovative new-generation material based on the polymer coating, repeats and reveals the uniqueness of the pattern and texture of wood. PVC Veneer resistant to moisture, chemical and mechanical stress. Coating thickness 0.35-0.45 mm.
Ultrason modified materials created on the newest technology of 3-D scanning, transmitting exceptional wood pattern
Yes, of course, make any custom size canvas height up to 2400mm, width 1000mm in increments of 5mm

This pictogram. They represent:

— moisture resistance;

— impact resistance;

— noise insulation;

— ecological compatibility;

— resistance to mechanical damage;

— durability;

— resistance to UF–radiation, aggressive chemical environment.

Yes, of course.
Yes, of course. But if You order the door in the color gloss, then the second side should be the same glossy finish.
Yes, the interior door can be any color selected in our color catalog.
The height of the column and the portion of the bending depends on the size of the opening and the size of the column. Are made individually

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